by Peter C. Conrad


I am a writer with experience in writing short stories, articles, non-fiction books, the novel, on-line course content, instructional design, journalism, and encyclopaedia articles. Never accepting limitations, I have had successes in diverse writing approaches. I am a storyteller, teacher, and artist.

Presented here are the works I have had produced published or those works that have been presented to publishers over the years. Every work that appears here that has not been published have received reviews from editors that convincingly described why the work should be published, as an acceptance letter would read, but all end with a comment about how the work was not right for their press.

The sweep of my writing is wide including:

Short Stories one produced on CBC radio and the other accepted by a literary magazine.

TrainingĀ for Victory: the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in the West published in 1989 by Western Producer Prairie Books.

Canadian Flights, written in 1987-88 was a collection of historical creative non-fiction for young readers.

Flying High, Young Adult historical fiction written in 2003, telling the story of two teen age boys living near a air training school during the Second World War.

Training Aces: How Canada Became a Centre for Air Training during the First World War, a history accepted for publication by BookLand Press.

The People of the Plan, written in 1990, was an oral history of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

Beyond Time is a full length alternate history inspired by anomalies I found over the years in archives while researching historical works, leaving intriguing questions about alternative histories.

History and time travel through history inspired a series of books for the Juvenal reader call the Collectors Club.

Clear Sky Rain is an autobiography chronically the reality of living in a family where my mother, father and siblings were all diagnosed with autism all at different levels on the Aspergers scale of functionality, while my tests showed no signs of autism.

The young adult novel Sandhill Cranes is tells the story of two teen age brothers on a farm struggling and feeling trapped by their isolation and an alcoholic father.

The young adult novel Just Listen is the story of a high school senior making choices as school will soon be over and he looks with uncertainty at his future, leaving home away from his older brother and mother, both suffering from substance abuse.

Based on my short story of the same name, Two Streams is a young adult novel about the new kid in town who defies everyone, volunteers at the Special School, refuses to play hockey and is not intimidated by the school bully.

The young adult novel Fake is Maggie’s story who accepts that she should be in special accommodation in middle school, but when she is challenged to fake being a honours student, surprising results follow.

Peter C. Conrad


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