Clear Sky Rain

by Peter C. Conrad

The long path of divergent interests and abilities I have, the books I have written, most of which are still on offer to publishers, with some still sent out after more than twenty years had its origin in the events of my youth. I was the youngest, surrounded by a family where my mother and father, sisters and brothers all were identified with various levels of autism from highly functional to less, Intelligence testing that ranged from average to retarded, I was alone as neither autistic or low intelligence. My mother demanded that I should never been tested in any way for autism, intelligence, or skills. I was to be accepted as retarded, but teachers noticed my social nature, abilities in class and demanded that I should be tested. My mother constantly refused their requests. The Principal at Mountain View Elementary declared that the issue was open for discussion and with this being the case, they would test me confidentially before the issue of testing was closed. The tests revealed the contrast between the rest of my family and me. I was removed from the special programs, given a desk in the Principals office and work was under way, directly supervised by the Principal. The story of my rapid progression and the sudden unplanned move to a farm deep in the wilderness of the South Peace region of Alberta is revealed in the book Clear Sky Rain. The book is autobiographic and is my memories of the reality of living immersed in a family affected all in some way by autism. It is a narrative that is true to my memory with the reality. Denial was the rule in the house: we are all the same as everyone else in the community, and rules of protection included silence. Avoid speaking until you had when you were outside the house–no one will figure things out that way. My oldest sister asked that the rule be applied to Clear Sky Rain, so the names of my family members have been changed. This book is a work in progress.

It’s About Art
The Baby Sitters
Tap Shoes
The Tests
Farm Work
It’s Dynamite
Natural Order
As Expected
In Their Footsteps
Farm Vacation
The Last Tenants
Principal’s Office
Christmas Eve
A Different Look
Steam Traction
Don’t Get Hurt
On Fire

About peterconrad2014

I am a writer with experience in writing short stories, articles, non-fiction books, the novel, on line course content, journalism, and encyclopaedia articles. Never accepting limitations, I have had successes in diverse writing approaches. I am a storyteller, teacher, and artist.
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