Canadian Flights

by Peter C. Conrad

A book with a working title, Biplane Adventures, written in 1987-88 was a collection of historical creative non-fiction for young readers had been accepted for publication. It was an enthusiastic effort to use story telling to reach Canadian youth bringing excitement about Canadian history. The book had completed the editorial process and sent for typesetting when communication with the press went silent. Months later a package arrived with the finished manuscript and a hand written note explaining that the press had gone bankrupt.

With a new title, Canadian Flights, the search for a publisher continues.

From Canadian Flights:

1. The First Biplane and Pilot School
2. Prairies
4. An Apple for the Judges
5. Canada’s First Post Card Hamilton’s Aerial Clipper
3. St. Henry on the Sent by Airplane
6. Flying Faster Than a Motorcycle?
7. The Biplane that Fell Apart in the Sky
8. Setting a Canadian Record
9. Billy Stark and His Flying Machine
10. Canada’s First Aerial Distance Record
11. A Short Lived Passenger Service
12. The Toronto Aviation School
13. Stark Returns to Instruct Pilots for the Great War
14. Men With Dash
15. The Katherine Stinson Story
16. Law in the Sky
17. Canada’s First Air Mail With a Stunt in Montreal
18. First Flight Across the Atlantic
20. Winging it Over the Rockies
21. Bank Robbery Scoop by Airplane
19. The First Parachute: Jump With a Prayer
22. Business in the Bush
23. Racing to the Klondike and Beyond
24. The Canadian Air Force Get Their Man
25. The Last Big Experiment
26. A Summer Fair to Remember
27. Sealing With a Biplane
28. Gliding to Fame
29. Searching for Mystery Gold
30. An Early Sailplane
31. Lost on the Atlantic
32. Saskatoon’s First Lady Of the Sky
33. Saving Little Red River
34. The Bear Attack
35. Yukon Rescue
36. Boy Scout in the Sky

About peterconrad2014

I am a writer with experience in writing short stories, articles, non-fiction books, the novel, on line course content, journalism, and encyclopaedia articles. Never accepting limitations, I have had successes in diverse writing approaches. I am a storyteller, teacher, and artist.
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